Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I grew up in Montana, but learn to ski by moving to Texas! It's actually a true story. My family did not ski, so my years in Montana were spent hiking hunting, and fishing. My first out of state radio job happened to be in Texas, and one year we did a skiing promotion. Listers won their way onto our ski bus that traveled to Ski Apache in the mountains of Southern New Mexico. As I recall it was about a 7 hour drive from West Texas, and that's where I put skis on for the first time in my life! Later my radio career took me to Reno, Nevada where Lake Tahoe is just a short drive away. I was in ski heaven! After moving to places like New Orleans and Orlando for radio jobs, the skiing bug just kind of left me, but now here I am in the wonderful Tri-cities, where skiing is just a hike away! That is if you feel like hiking Badger, just to ski or snowboard down. And of course, you'll only have that opportunity once or twice a year if you're lucky. Well, some local folks and ski clubs have decided to do just that! The video below is from a few years ago, but just the other day a local ski club hiked Badger and skied all the way down. You can read that story HERE. Meanwhile, I'm gonna skip hiking all the way to the top of Badger just to ski down and enjoy the video instead!


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