The past year I think it is safe to say we have all been spending a lot more time with loved ones or our spouse. My own personal experience was hit or miss. When you are not use to spending day and night with your spouse it can cause some problems, or in some cases it can make your relationship stronger.

Recently I saw a post on Facebook and it read "My Grandfather told me that when my Grandma gets mad at him, he tightens the lid on the pickle jar so she has to talk to him," and it got me thinking... what DO people do to defuse a fight? So, I asked my Facebook friends and here is what they said;

Bonnie "Just sit down and talk about it right away."

Emilie "Bring him a shot of tequila and say “so what’s our plans tonight”

Christine "I used to know a couple who said fight naked. The fight would never last long."

Tracy "We usually text each other so everyone gets to speak and be heard."

Dave "It was all explained to me as you can either be right or married, you can't have both. So yeah I'm right all the time."

Aimee "You always look to care for the other persons heart. Works for me."

Danielle "What fight?! We all know I was right but at this point he knows I believe he was right..."

Ken "Communicate... talk it out."

Daphne "Usually a hug and “I love you”..... sometimes a text.💗"

Lisa "I'd say... But... This is a family"

Kevin "Go to bed and tell her to sleep on the couch."  (Explains why he is single a lot)

Jarrett "I've done this. My wife likes to leave the toothpaste cap off and let it dry out, ill tighten the cap on so tight she know, not to do that again."

Last but not least...

Randy "show him your boobs"

Probably the worst thing you could tell a women during a heated battle is to either calm down or that she is overreacting. I find that writing a letter (or like in Tracy's case send a text) to your spouse and walking away. That is my own best option and advise. It gives both of you time to cool off and when you write your feelings on paper there is no argument that could potentially escalate and they are then forced to read your feelings! I hope you are all making the best out of these crazy times and living your best life!



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