The Tri-City River of Fire is coming up and begs the question, "How does everything magically appear on the barge?" This is all in thanks to our friends with the Port of Pasco. Without their help, there would be no Tri-Cities River of Fire.

The fireworks and all of the equipment used for the Tri-City River of Fire is done at the port. Loading equipment, job shack, heavy equipment all the way down to the fireworks themselves all start at the Port of Pasco.

The Fireworks and all the equipment that goes on and off the Barge is done at the Port. Loading of the equipment, job shack, heavy equipment and of course the fireworks happened at the Port. Without those facilities we wouldn’t have a show.

"The Port of Pasco helps cargo move. Whether shipping by rail, truck, air, or barge; this port has facilities that can make it happen. The Port of Pasco is proud and pleased to be a partner in such an exciting and worthwhile celebration as The River of Fire to support our community and to highlight the Port’s connections to the world."
~Port of Pasco’s Executive Director, Randy Hayden