When I saw this picture of a drowsy driver that crashed into the fence at Edgar Brown Stadium, my first thought was:

How in the heck did they end up on the other side of the fence?.

Then I read the part of the post where Pasco police describe that when they arrived "the car had driven under the fence".

Then I remembered a scene from a Fact or Myth show where a car had supposedly disappeared through a chain-link fence. The car had actually slipped under the fence, bending just enough to fit the car through and then snapping back into place.

SO now we know!

This guy was really, really, lucky! Do not try this at home kids.

Below is the original Facebook post.

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Early morning, Officers responded to a collision near the 1600 block of Sylvester. When we arrived, we saw that the car had driven under the fence and entered Edgar Brown Stadium. Luckily, the car didn’t plummet into the pit and nobody was hurt. Just a reminder that it’s dangerous to drive when drowsy.

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