Kortney Yahne nominated Prosser police officer Shane Hellyer

Congrats Shane you are Februarys HOMETOWN HERO!!


I'm nominating Office Hellyer for Hometown Hero because this man has helped my family through a very tough time. My twin brother was killed a couple years ago.

He made sure my family felt safe everyday after we received the bad news. He would make sure my mom made it to her car after work. (she would get off work at 11pm).

My brother left behind an amazing son and still checks in to see if he is ok.

It’s been 2 years since the tragedy He still goes out of his way to help us out. I would love for him to win. He didn't have to take the extra time to check on us or support us.

He never knew my family before and now he is a family friend.

Shane you have won a lunch party for you and 10 of your coworkers, delivered by Jeneane Conway with Farmer’s Insurance.

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