I've been grilling with charcoal for a lot of years, but I was curious about wood pellet grilling. I'd heard a lot about Jeff's expertise over at Ranch & Home — which is basically the BBQ capital of the world — so I went over there for a chat.

And, boy, did I learn a lot:

I had no idea it was as easy as pouring the pellets in one side, hitting the ignite button and setting the desired temperature. Set it and forget it ... that's my kind of grilling! Plus, as Jeff said, "Propane does not give you any flavor; gas doesn't give you flavor. Charcoal and wood does."

Ranch & Home carries several different brands of grills but Traeger is among the most popular. Lucky for us, Ranch & Home is a platinum dealer for Traeger, which means they carry several newer models that aren't available hardly anywhere else in the state.

If you're thinking about treating yourself to a new or upgraded grill, head over to Ranch & Home. They can help you find the best grill for your grilling style and budget. As you heard, they even have grills outfitted with wifi so you can monitor the temperature of the inside of the grill or of a meat probe from your phone. Imagine finishing up your yard work or watching the game while you grill the perfect steak!