Sunday night four guys in a Jeep thought it would be fun to not only set off fireworks in Hover Park southeast of Finley, but also douse a couch in gas and light it up too.

Benton County Deputies who responded to the scene saw the suspects leaving the area in a Jeep that matched witnesses descriptions. Several people had seen the four males lighting off the fireworks, then the bigger blaze, then they drove off.

Down the road from the park, Deputies stopped the vehicle, and found fireworks and a gas can in the vehicle. The four admitted they set the fire. Deputies didn't say if they made any arrests, but charges will be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney's office.

No word on if they brought the couch with them or if it was found sitting there.

No one was injured and no property damage to the park resulted from the blaze, but the couch was reduced to a pile of ash and metal. A Benton County fire crew mopped up what was left of the furniture.

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