There is no better feeling for a baseball player than hitting a game-winning home run. So Tennessee slugger Jameson Painter was on cloud nine when his eighth inning round-tripper put his Chuckey-Doak High baseball team in the lead for good in their game against Jonesboro University High.

However, when the senior got to the parking lot to drive himself home after the game he went from the thrill of victory to the agony of having to deal with a broken windshield.  And Painter only had himself to blame for the shattered glass, as it was his game-winning moonshot that did the damage.

Painter had actually initially parked his car somewhere else, but decided that spot was too close to the field, so he moved it to another spot he thought would be less likely to be hit with a homerun ball. Bad move, it turns out.

“We were all talking before the game that it wasn’t a good place to park because he was liable to hit one there,” Coach Dustin Morrow explained. “Sure enough, he did. I’m glad he hit the home run but feel bad because now he has to buy a new windshield.”

Come on coach, why not pass the old baseball cap around to collect funds for Painter’s new windshield? You wouldn’t want your slugger bunting the next time the game is on the line, would you?