You've probably heard that you can get tested for covid-19 at CBC. You've probably also seen pictures of the long lines at Columbia Basin College from people on Facebook. That's why when a family member suggested I get my covid test at Walgreens and that it only took a few minutes, I was in! And it was a very simple process, and the waiting was minimal. You go to and schedule your appointment. However, there are three available tests according to the website, but if you choose one of them by clicking on it, many of the locations that might be near you suddenly become unavailable for that test. So, I did not check a test preference and was able to visit the Walgreens nearest me. The test I was given was called the rapid test or the rapid antigen test. Come to find out later when I tested positive on a Tuesday and then negative just three days later, this test has major faults. Doctors and medical experts I've spoken with from the Benton County Health Department are recommending you go to CBC and get the test there. It is not the rapid test and has a better chance of being accurate. The false positives and false negatives are mostly from the rapid tests. Good luck and stay healthy!


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