I posed the question on our radio station Facebook page, Do you have Ziply Fiber internet yet and if so, do you recommend it? The reason I wanted to know is because Ziply is just now coming to my neighborhood. But since my wife has been working from home for the last year-and-a-half, I want to make sure that if we change internet services there won't be a blip in service. Like most folks that I know, I'm not really that happy with Spectrum internet. The speeds seem to vary and I'm tired of paying so much ($74.99, up from $49.99 a few years ago). They have the monopoly and they know it, so they casually raise prices without fear of cancellation. But that's all about to end with Ziply Fiber coming into the game. I was hoping all of these comments would give me that warm and fuzzy feeling and take away any fears of changing services. Unfortunately, and this seems to be the case with just about everything in life, reviews are mixed. Some people absolutely love it, and some people say stay the hell away. All the comments are posted below, and one that really got me was the comment from Sean who chose not to go with Ziply but somehow ended up getting charged anyway for several months worth. It was finally all taken care of but was not an easy task according to him. Others have signed up for the service and didn't really care for it because it was spotty they say. While many comments say that they have had no problems with Ziply and highly recommend it.



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