Granted, the price of gas these days should be against the law. But the price of gas has nothing to do with why these two characters in Kennewick ended up in jail. I think they were even going to actually pay for their go-go juice.

A little before 3 a.m. on Sunday, a couple of yahoos realized that their gas gauge was headed toward E. So they pull into the Maverick station for some much-needed petrol.

At this point, Kennewick Police officers also pulled into the gas station. It's not clear whether they too needed fuel, or just wanted to pop inside for a microwave burrito (cop and donuts jokes are so passe).

These keen-eyed upholders of the law noticed that the dingleberries at the pump were in a vehicle that was recently reported stolen.

The driver not only got busted for possession of a stolen vehicle but he's been barred from even stepping foot on the property of that Maverick, so you can add trespassing to the charges. The nice lady he was with had outstanding warrants, so she got a trip to the pokey also.

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