My wife and I were joking yesterday about how hot it was and that we should run down and jump into the Columbia River. She said that jumping into the water even as hot as it is would be freezing this time of year.

We did do our nightly walk and decided not to jump into the Columbia but I couldn't help but notice these great life jacket stations that are now fully restocked and ready for the summer season.

Thanks to the Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission Boating Program, you'll see the life jacket stations loaded with jackets in case you forgot one.

I saw the one station at the Columbia Park West Station at the launching site that was full of jackets and the City of Richland is reminding folks to buckle up!

We observed yesterday a novice water skier learning how to ski and they had a life jacket on. I can swim but I wouldn't classify myself as a great swimmer so a life jacket for me would be a must.

Remember, if you are out on the river kayaking and you're not wearing a life jacket, you could be ticketed and the cost of the ticket is $99.

So if you see those stations around, they serve a good purpose, and if you forgot your own life jacket while on the water, that's why those jackets are there for you to use and return!

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