St. Patrick's Day is upon us and if you plan to find yourself a green beer and a delicious Reuben sandwich, your choices are limitless! I did a little research to see who, in the Tri-Cities would be celebrating with some Irish customs, and I found many locations! Everything from live bagpipes to an ice-cold Guinness, to corn beef and hash, you will find a little Irish happening at one of these destinations. I have compiled a lengthy list. All you have to do is click the link and be directed to your St Patrick's Day throwdown!

The Longbranch Saloon

The Underground Taphouse

Bombing Range Brewing Company

The Palm Bar & Grill

The Dive Bar & Grill

Jackalope Bar & Grill

The Office Tavern

The Grizzly Bar

Richland Dugout

Rattlesnake Brewing Co

Badger Canyon Dugout

Southridge Dugout

Amendment XXI Bar and Grill

The Underground Taphouse

This is a good start at least! I am sure there are plenty more parties happening in the Tri-Cities, but I thought I would give you somewhere to start! I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patty's day! Please drink responsibly and don't forget to get that Uber driver lined up before you can't see the numbers on your phone to dial one!



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