A Federal Hanford worker has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden and Gov. Inslee, suing over the vaccine mandates.

Biden instituted a mandate for Federal workers Sept 9th, which covers Hanford and subcontractors. It does not apply to Congress or certain civil jobs.

The clock is also ticking towards Gov. Inslee's 'deadline' of Oct. 18 when state workers, healthcare workers, and law enforcement workers (including fire and EMS) must be fully vaccinated or be fired (his own words)

Joseph B. Jensen Sr., the man who filed the suit, is a Hanford subcontractor worker but the suit does not specify his employer.

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The suit says the mandates violate his “bodily autonomy and bodily integrity”  and it prevents him from pursuing the Constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He also names Dr. Anthony Faucci in the suit. It lists a timeline of the virus, and the steps taken to deal with it. He says in the suit he has the right to his own decisions when it comes to medical treatment and decisions concerning his health.

State officials have issued statements saying they are aware of the suit, it has formally filed in U.S. District Court, for the Court of Eastern Washington.

It will be interesting as we get closer to Oct. 18th, and reports indicate hundreds of state workers, including the Washington State Patrol and numerous county firefighter and EMS staff, plan to leave their jobs rather than get the vaccine.

It remains to be seen if Inslee will actually 'fire' anyone that day if they are not fully vaccinated. No one in the media really, except us, have tried to press him and his administration on that question.


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