Guy Fieri is back in Washington state for another round of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives, and this time he's sampling a 1950's retro diner.

Fieri has already been to several Tri-Cities eateries and he's making the trip again through Oregon and Washington.

Where Is Guy Fieri Filming In Washington State?

He's recently been spotted in Bend Oregon and Chehalis Washington but the newest episode brings home closer to the Tri-Cities again.

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Friday's all-new episode of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives will feature a retro 1950's diner.

What Washington Restaurants Have Been Featured On The Food Network?

The spotlight is on a Leavenworth diner that specializes in mozzarella sticks bathed in gravy. According to the posting on the Food Network, the episode is described as such:

This trip is a classic, comfort-filled joy ride for Guy Fieri. In Leavenworth, Wash., a quintessential retro diner shines with their scratch-made mozzarella sticks and gravy fries.

Lick your lips at Fieri is visiting 59er Diner in Leavenworth. Have you ever been there? The diner is also known for their milkshakes having scooped over 35,000 shakes according to their Facebook page.

59er Diner In Leavenworth Is Featured On Guy Fieri's TV Show

Fieri will be focusing on their mozzarella sticks and gravy but that means that Guy Fieri is back in the Northwest filming.

When Does Diners, Drive-In's and Dives Air On The Food Network?

Other recent episodes have included Bend Oregon and Chehalis Washington and if you are a big fan of food, set your DVR or catch the shows when they air live on the Food Network.

It's pretty cool that we are getting spotlighted more and more on the Food Network and with another sighting in Washington, it's hopefully only a matter of time before Guy Fieri is back in the Tri-Cities.

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