A few months ago my father-in-law asked me if I would like his old hunting rifles and shotguns.  I thought about it for a moment and decided that yes, I would be honored to take them.  He delivered them to the house on Christmas day.  Three 20 gauge shotguns and three rifles - .22, .308, .30-06.

His guns (along with my fathers 1925 Stevens .22) are now stored safely in a cabinet.  I have little experience with firearms and need to learn how to use them so I did some searching online and I was able to download instruction and safety manuals for each model and locate a number of shooting ranges and stores that offer firearm safety courses.  This is my first priority - regardless of whether I shoot them or not.

Ranch & Home offers gun safety courses and I was glad to hear they have already filled up their first three courses of the year.  It means new gun owners are taking ownership seriously.  A fourth class will soon be announced and my boys and I are on a list.

The first line of the .308 manual says this - "a gun is only as safe as the hands that hold it."

Useful links:

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