Once you break the trust, it's always hard to get it back.  Sometimes it takes years. Other times, It's impossible. When a husband or wife breaks the trust of their significant other, things are never the same even if they do manage to stay together. But the Justice system has different rules. You may or may not ever be looked upon as trustworthy again, but you will surely pay for your mistake! Take this fellow for example. He was a nonviolent offender, so that's good. And Grant County jail officials entrusted him with little tasks that possibly allowed him out of watchful eyes for moments at a time. While he was taking out the garbage on the 4th of July, he decided to break that trust fled to what will surely be temporary freedom. Since freedom is highly celebrated on this day in America, perhaps some temporary insanity led to him seeking his temporary freedom, but if he hated jail as a trustee, he's gonna hate it a lot worse when he serves his jail-break time as a regular inmate. Chalk it up to a lesson learned. Or will it be? Criminals, even nonviolent ones, seem to have a hard time learning lessons.



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