Here's some good news to take  with you this weekend, You may have seen many post's about a dog named 'Trixie' the poor pup who was left outside the Richland Winco while his owner allegedly went inside the store and shot a woman..

The Police had Trixie transported to Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services where though their hard work and diligence were able to reunite Trixie with family members.

Trixie the dog

 There were a ton of keyboard warriors speculating Trixe was going to be put down ect... so the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services posted a statement regarding this situation. Here's what they said via Facebook

I would like to clear up some misinformation being passed around regarding the dog named Trixie from the shooting at Winco in Richland.
At no time was she in danger of being euthanized or held for any length of time beyond that of verifying who she legally belonged to. If no owner was found, she would have been placed for adoption. However, in this case the owner was the gentleman involved. He was able to give us names of people he would like his dog given to. From that point we started making calls and leaving messages. We have been able to work with those people, who are family, to get her in their care. There are steps that needed to be taken to ensure she was going into good hands and that those steps were legal. I am happy to say, by the end of today she should be back in a home environment where she will be loved and cared for. Trixie is a wonderful girl and is in excellent health and loved very much. While at the shelter she has been an absolute doll and full of kisses. The staff have enjoyed giving her much attention with lots of love, and time out of her kennel. Angela

I would like to personally Thank Angela and her entire team for all their hard work on getting Trixie back to her family...GOOD JOB!

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