Right about the time that I was so disgusted with human beings, somebody stepped in and does something wonderful like this. A Richland family had five inflatable Halloween decorations slashed in the middle of the night late Sunday / early Monday morning.

Their three kids were simply heartbroken. It's difficult to explain to kids how some people can be so mean and do something so senseless.

But then a couple of humans with the hugest hearts stepped in and completely made the Richland family's day. They replaced all of the inflatables, and I don't know if you know this, but those things are not cheap!

Richland homeowner Aleena Meise posted, "Good things come out of bad situations sometimes. You'll never fully understand the amount of happiness you have brought to us with your acts of kindness".

And just like that, my faith in the human race was restored.

Aleena Meise
Aleena Meise



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