I remember the first time I met Chuck Hall in person, I had heard him coming through my radio on 102.7 KORD for years before that day. I had gone to the radio station to meet with a few employees to talk about doing a fundraiser and from there it was literally history! I had no clue I was meeting with a man who would soon impact my life so incredibly and become one of my best friends!

Chuck has spent his life giving and doing so much for our community, well, now it's time to give back to Chuck! For the past year, Chuck has been battling health issues and they have left him unable to work. His wife, Gayle has also had to put her job on hold while she helps care for him! A close friend, Adam Lamberd has created a Gofundme page to help ease some of the families' financial burdens. For more information and if you would like to donate you can click HERE.

There are also multiple fundraisers being planned throughout the Tri-Cities during the Daytona 500, on February 19th. Chuck was known for hosting the best Daytona parties, and bars across our community plan to honor him! Details of the fundraisers will be posted as we get more information.

We love you Chuck and wish you a full recovery!



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