Kennewick School District has released a new video showing how the curriculum is chosen, and how it's implemented in classrooms.

Many parents have complained about not knowing what their kids are being taught

Much of this stems from, honestly, a lot of parents not taking the time to ask questions, look at their kid's homework, and pay attention. For every parent who does take the time to pay attention, there are those who do not.

But now there is a video from KSD that least shows the processes used to choose teaching materials and how they're put into use.

   Matt Scott, who directs this arm of the KSD, is featured in the video.

The video focuses on three things: learning standards of the subject matter, materials used to teach those standards, and instructional strategies that make the materials come to life.

Parents can review school teaching materials, systems (KSD)
Parents can review school teaching materials, systems (KSD)


He also stressed that in the Kennewick School District, parents can review their teaching materials and programs "at-will" or at any time.

The school board has the sole authority to approve what curriculum is being or will be used in the District. Core teaching materials are usually reviewed on what is called a ten-year cycle as well.

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We encourage you to watch this video, especially if you have a child in KSD. This process is similar to those utilized by many school districts. A good idea is to look over the webpage of your child's respective district.

Parents have input in process (KSD)
Parents have input in process (KSD)


One important takeaway is that parents have a larger voice in this area than many think. You just have to take the time to get involved in it.

In addition, to see the curriculum page and information at KSD, click here. 


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