A couple weeks ago KORD asked the community to help replace Eastgate Elementary's pumpkins. One donation from a dog brought community service full circle.

If you don't remember, a thief stole over a dozen pumpkins from a Kindergarten class's garden. The kids had planted them last March to harvest this fall. After the story was reported in the Tri-City Herald, Greg & Paul in the Waking Crew asked listeners to help them out. Nearly 300 pumpkins were donated!

Recently, Kurt and Sarah Weidner donated 125 pumpkins bringing the current tally to about 650! But the story gets even better, The Weidners made the gift in the name of their pet, Chocolate. Why? Because students at Eastgate Elementary raised money in 2008 to pay for a surgery Chocolate needed after being rescued! Is that not the sweetest story you've ever heard?

After Greg & Woody recounted the story over the air, Sarah Weidner called in to chat with the Waking Crew!

Maegan Murray

After every child at Eastgate was given a pumpkin, extras were donated to children at Amistad Elementary nearby.

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