Youtube screen shot
Youtube screen shot

Youtuber Jim Zim has nearly a 1/2 a million subscribers and now lives in the Tri-cities! His sister has lived here for many years and he visited often. But now he's a resident and appreciates the beauty of everything the Tri-cities has to offer.  This video has excellent shots of the Cable Bridge, the Blue Bridge, the Columbia River, Gesa stadium, and golf courses. It was just posted in September of last year. Really nice aerial shots of the beautiful place we live. Thanks, Jim!

With the winds finally dying down by tomorrow and a pretty nice weekend on the way, I thought this video would be a good way to gear up for Spring-like weather.. And to get you even more excited about the weather, we will see highs in the low 60's starting later next week! After that massive snow-dump and now the 55 mph gusty winds, it's time for the Tri to show its true colors!


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