The new Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon focuses on events in House Targaryen. Most of you probably remember them from Game of Thrones, as they were one of the key families of the original show. This series, though, is set 172 years before the death of the Mad King, Aerys, and the birth of his daughter, Princess Daenerys Targaryen. The House of the Dragon premiere also reveals the show is set after 100 years of Targaryen rule, with old King Jaehaerys seated on the Iron Throne, with ten dragons on their side.

But trouble is brewing in the kingdom, as the king has no obvious heir. In other words, this is yet another HBO show all about succession. And this new show is filled with Easter eggs, hidden references, and Game of Thrones callbacks you might have missed. In our new House of the Dragon video, we break down all of them.

We point out all the regions in Westeros that become important to the show, observe how each new character relates to the old Game of Thrones cast, and even notice that the Hand of the King’s badge on the new show is exactly the same as the one in Game of Thrones. Watch all the Easter eggs below:

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