One busy summer a few years ago, I was having a tough time keeping up with all of the grass that was growing in my yard. It's a problem everybody has dealt with, right? But rather than dealing with that nightmare scenario myself, I decided to turn to the fine folks over at Gamache Landscaping.

Let me tell you how nice it was to come home to a perfectly edged and mowed yard. It was like yard angels came down from heaven, performed a little miracle, and when they vanished they left the beauty behind!

I thought I wouldn't see the yard angels again until spring after they came during the fall to blow out my sprinklers and trim and clean up my bushes, but I found out that they are just as busy in cold weather as they are otherwise.

That's also when I learned that they do so much more than just excellent lawn work!

Right now is the perfect time of year to have Gamache come on out to your home and have them perform some truly impressive work on a new fire pit, paver patio, waterfall, or outdoor kitchen. Wouldn't one of those make a great addition to your yard?

They can even install or repair your sprinkler heads and lines around this time of year and then test them again in the spring and you'll be all set.

If you're ready to have the yard angels at Gamache Landscaping transform your yard as they did to mine, give them a call today at 509-735-9100 or visit them online at to check out the wide range of services they offer.