HCM (formally known as Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy) is a heart condition that develops gradually, often showing itself in the teenage years. Come to Pasco High School today August 10th, between 7am and 7pm with your permission form completed, and you can get checked.

The circulation problems from HCM are made worse by intense athletic activity. Sometimes heavy activity causes the circulation to be so bad that the heart stops, and the person dies. This is entirely preventable, only if people with HCM know that they have it ahead of time. About one in one thousand people have HCM.

How hard is it to be checked?

Its not hard at all. It does not hurt. There is no cost. You can find out results that day. The check (done with an ultrasound) only takes a few minutes. However, you should plan on being there about 30 minutes, because it will take time to check your permission form, and have a doctor look at your results.

Here is their website with all of the information, permission slips and directions. CLICK HERE