In case you haven't seen a million Friday the 13th posts on your Facebook timeline, let me remind you: it's Friday the 13th! And while watching Jason slash drunk teenagers is always fun, those films are not on Netflix right now. Awww! However, there are plenty of other horror films and shows to scratch that creepy itch. Below is a list of movies on Netflix broken down in to different categories for what ever scariness you're feeling in to tonight (or any time really). Grab the snacks, lock all the doors, and cuddle up on the couch for some spooky fun. I even have some kid-friendly suggestions! Happy Friday the 13th!

Classic- If you haven't seen these yet, GET ON IT!

Slow Burn- These take time building up to the big scares or just mess with your mind

Funny- Because sometimes you need some laughs with your scares!

Possessed- I'm not a fan of this genre, but man, these are freaky!

TV Shows- Need more than just two hours of creep? Here ya go!

Gory/Gross- If you want blood and parts, these are for you.

Kids- These are just scary enough for kids to still enjoy (and not have nightmares)

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