A Franklin County police officer is under investigation after being involved in shooting a man trying to flee by stealing a patrol car late Tuesday night near Mesa. Franklin County Sheriffs Officers were called to a rolling domestic disturbance (in a car) call near Scooteney State Park on Highway 17 according to news reports.  The officers were able to locate the car and pulled them over on Angeline and Caldona. That is where the suspect, 32 year old Michael L. Long, tried to run from police on foot but was caught and arrested for domestic violence crimes, court order violations, and possession of narcotics.

After being handcuffed and put in the back seat, Long was able to sneak back through the window and tried to drive away in the patrol car. One deputy climbed in the window of the moving patrol car trying to stop the man. Deputy Scott Wright fired his gun and hit Michael Long in the leg. It was not stated if Deputy Scott Wright was the officer that tried to climb into the window of the patrol car.

Long was treated at a local hospital for his leg wound and Deputy Wright is on administrative leave. The case is still under investigation and if you have any information contact Special Investigation Unit Commander Craig Littrell at (509) 585-4208 or the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at (509) 545-3501.

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