It's kind of a slow season for moviegoers as we wait for the Christmas surge, no-doubt led by the final Star Wars film for some time.

Critics didn't completely hate Terminator: Dark Fate, but it's bombed big time at the box office. Zombieland: Doubletap has made its money back. But there's no "water cooler" movie out right now. There isn't a movie that's been driving everyone to the theater in droves. Joker has $1 billion in its sights, but most of the people that wanted to see it, have already.

Enter The Lighthouse directed by Robert Eggers. Eggers directed the wickedly un-nerving The Witch in 2016. The Lighthouse, like Eggers' previous outing, is unrelenting in its style. It's shot in high-contrast black and white, and the characters talk like it's the 1890's, Willem Dafoe especially. Speaking of Dafoe, I think he has a really good chance to finally take home that golden statue. I don't know what I would categorize this movie as. It definitely shares a lot of themes with horror movies. It's also wickedly funny, usually in a dark way. Robert Pattinson hands in a performance seemingly for those who would doubt his ability to don the cape and cowl in the upcoming The Batman. This movie is certainly Dafoe's show, but Pattinson has been a beast these past few years.

If you haven't yet, check out the trailer and be sure to watch The Lighthouse in theaters because a living room TV won't do it justice.

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