Celebrate Flag Day today June 14th as part of national flag week! We do this to honor our American flag. So what is Flag Day all about?

What do I do on Flag Day?

Flag Day falls within National Flag Week, this is a time when Americans reflect on the nation’s freedom. The flag of the United States represents freedom and has been an enduring symbol of the country’s ideals since its early days.

Many people in the United States honor this day by flying the American flag at their homes and public buildings.

Organizations such as The National Flag Day Foundation are actively involved in coordinating activities centered on the event and keeping the flag’s traditions alive. Following Flag Day is Honor America Days, a 21-day period through to Independence Day (July 4) to honor America.


Although Flag Day is a nationwide observance, it is not a public holiday.

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress replaced the British symbols of the Grand Union flag with a new design featuring 13 white stars in a circle on a field of blue and 13 red and white stripes – one for each state. Although it is not certain, this flag may have been made by the Philadelphia seamstress Betty Ross, who was an official flag maker for the Pennsylvania Navy. The number of stars increased as the new states entered the Union, but the number of stripes stopped at 15 and was later returned to 13.

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