I had a great day of fishing. I didn't catch anything but I saw a really big one! I must have said that a thousand times in my life, but that really did happen to a couple of fishermen on the Columbia River. And it was all caught on video just outside of Ridgefield, Washington which is North of Vancouver. As you will see in the story below from KGW television, these boys are really glad they caught it on video because nobody would believe them.  At first, these fishermen thought it was just a large sea lion. That apparently is not an uncommon sight in that part of the Columbia River. But then they were sure it was something bigger because of the chevron it was creating. So at that point, it was heck with the fishing lines and time to pull out the phones to roll video. They knew that if it was a whale it would have to come up for air in a matter of minutes. And sure enough, they caught that exact moment on video.

Do you remember the star trek movie where they traveled back in time to capture a couple of whales and bring them into the future where they were extinct? Perhaps this whale was simply beamed into the wrong part of the water. Hey, it could happen.

If you have your whale license, I recommend you use the largest red & white Daredvil spoon you can find and troll the river at about 40 mph. Filet your delicious whale into a couple thousand pieces and have all your friends bring over a Traeger. You'll need a bunch of em.

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