The chill is in the air and even though it's the middle of October, we know that the snow is around the corner. 

As temperatures drop, we are starting to see the first sign of winter in the higher elevations of the Blues and Stevens Pass.

Has Snoqualmie Pass Had Snow Yet?

It's a matter of time before Snoqualmie Pass gets its first dumping of snow.

I'm not a big snow fan so I'm always curious about when the first snowfall is expected in the lower levels like the Columbia Basin. I don't dislike snow, it's actually quite beautiful, but having to drive in it isn't one of my favorite things to do.

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Have You Read The Old Farmer's Almanac For The Weather?

My grandparents always had a copy of the old Farmer's Almanac on the coffee table to thumb through and it's been a reliable source for the weather for the last 100 years or so.

When is the first snowfall protected to happen?

What Does The Farmer Almanac Say About The Tri-Cities Expected Snowfall For 2021

According to the Almanac, here is when we can expect the white stuff to start dropping:

November 18th - 25th is when we should get our first snowfall and it looks like it could be a white Thanksgiving for us.

We then will have a week of snow showers from November 26th - November 30th.

If you were hoping we would have a light winter, that still remains to be seen. Tri-Cities seems to have a tough winter about every three years so maybe we are due for a rough one.

You can check out more details about the upcoming weather and snowfall expectations here.

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