Your walking along and you look down...there it is.....a $5 bill. You pick it up....look around and nobody is paying any attention to you or your newly found friend. What is your next move.

Do you stand there and yell out "5 second rule! I found a $5 bill"! What if you found a LARGE sum of money. In our conversations with our KORD listeners. If it's a little bill like a $1 or or $5 (maybe a $10) folks won't make much an effort to find the rightful owner. But! When it comes to a larger sum of money people will turn it in and make the effort to find the rightful owner. Here are some stories from Smart Money Daily that tell stories about people who find REALLY Large sums of money. For example:

Found Cash Case 1: Woman finds $65,000 in cash sitting in the road.

In early October, Debbie Cole, 53, was walking to the break room at Pinellas County Florida’s Solid Waste Operations, when she happened to glance at the truck scale area where trucks weigh their garbage, and saw a clear plastic bag with a red stripe at the top, that had been run over several times. When she picked it up, she saw several stacks of cash, bundled and with labels such as “$10,000″. After being dazed a few seconds, she called her supervisor, who called her supervisor, who called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies picked up the bag. The grand total was $65,000. They were able to trace it back to Loomis, the armored car and money handling company. The money had fallen from an armored car that had passed through about 30 minutes before Cole found the bag.

“It’s unclear how the bag inadvertently fell from the truck”, said Mark Clark, a Loomis spokesman. “We totally appreciate her being a good Samaritan. This isn’t something that happens. It’s embarrassing, quite frankly.”

“It just shows what a good employee, no, what a good person, she is,” said her supervisor, Janice Burns. “She was more concerned for the driver. She was saying, ‘I just feel bad about the driver.’” Cole earns $17 an hour. It will take her two years to earn what she could have walked away with in 5 minutes. Did she consider taking it? “Everyone keeps asking me that. To be honest, no. It didn’t even cross my mind.”

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