When you're shopping on Amazon, do you ever click on Daily Deals? You should. I found this limited-time deal on a BYAKOV dashcam for just $29.74. It normally sells for $59.99. I went ahead and ordered it and I couldn't be more impressed with what you can get technology-wise for under $30 these days. (You'll have to spend $12 bucks for a micro SD card, tho).

Besides that, I follow the Facebook group Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming! And on my way home from work just this past week I've seen some crazy stuff that I wish I had documented. People passing me at 25 or 30 miles an hour over the speed limit on Hwy 240 on the shoulder! Who are these nuts? I've also had several near-collisions with people who want to quickly turn in front of me.

Late last year I was actually in an accident that was not my fault because an impatient driver just had to turn left in front of me. It totaled my vehicle. I didn't have any problems with the insurance companies involved in that, but if I had, I sure would have wanted some video proof of the situation.

So when I found this little camera on sale so cheap, I figured why not. It gets good reviews and I've seen a few YouTube videos on how to operate it as well. It's very simple and the quality is impressive. You can pay a lot more, but this seems to do everything the more expensive models do. Check it out if you're in the market for a dashcam and maybe I will see your videos on Tri-Cities Bad Driver Shaming on Facebook! LOL


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