Naming your child or pet can be stressful.

One man sparked quite the outrage after naming his dog the same name as his niece.

The man took to Reddit to claim that he had chosen the name first and refused to budge on changing it, garnering hate from his family.

He explained that he had waited over a year to adopt a dog and spent time picking out the perfect name, only to have his sister-in-law steal the moniker for her child.

"I am not really one to care about dog names. I have a dog named Centrifuge, for example, like usually I just give random names that I come up with on the spot," the man wrote via Reddit, adding: "But this dog I had planned for a year in advance."

"At the beginning of 2020, I got in touch with a breeder to get my dream dog, a beautiful clumber spaniel. The litter was born 10 weeks ago so this has been a plan for a long time," he explained.

He chose the name Maybeline and shared the news with his brother and sister-in-law, who all said "they loved it."

That's when everything changed. "Fast forward and my sister-in-law is pregnant and finds out it is a girl. We are all so excited and happy and wondering about the name and she said Maybeline," he recalled. "I didn't really think much of it at the spot but I did make a comment about how that is what my puppy will be called."

He noted that his sister-in-law approached him and asked if he could "change the name to something else." He told her he would "think about it," but ultimately decided to stick with Maybeline.

When he told his family he had decided to go with the name he had chosen, they became "so angry," calling him "rude" and telling him he was "insulting" his brother and niece.

Wanting to come to a "solution," the man decided that he would call his pup "May for short as a nickname while keeping Maybeline as her registered name."

He also hilariously added that he's "not allowed to tell everyone" his baby niece is named after his four-legged friend.

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