You don't just go to the Kentucky Derby, you should arrive -- in style.

Yes, the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby from Churchill Downs is this Saturday.

The first Derby was run in 1875 after Churchill Downs was built by Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr., grandson of William Clark of "Lewis and Clark" fame.

Thousands of people flock to the track each year -- not to watch the race -- but to be seen in their Derby outfits including hats. Yes, hats are the fashion statement of the day in Kentucky, and that is why this is one of my favorite sporting events.

Horse racing is called the sport of kings; maybe this is why people feel the need to dress like royalty.

As 20 horses run like the wind, thousand of people won't even know there is a race going on. Yes, Churchill Downs will be party central.

Only these people aren't the loud, swing your shirts above your head type of drunks; they are Mint Julep, 20 -year-old bourbon, quiet drunks. You've seen them: women in fancy dresses who can barely walk, but have plenty of friends to carry them to the limo.

Don't forget to attend Saturday at Sun Downs race track at the fairgrounds in Kennewick. You can bet on the Derby, and this is the final weekend for horse racing so get out and enjoy, and don't forget to wear a funky hat.

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