The 24th James Bond film will be titled, "SPECTRE" the world learned today. James Bond will be played by...

Daniel Craig for the fourth time (whew!)

Here is everything we know so far about "Spectre":

  • 1

    It will be made by the same team as "Skyfall"

    Remember those gorgeous shots where Bond is on a boat going into the casino, or killing the assassin in the sky scraper, or running from the bad guy with the mansion burning in the background? More of those to come!

  • 2

    The release date will be in the fall 2015

  • 3

    Dave Bautista (Drax in "Guardians of the Galaxy") is in it

    He'll play a bad guy (duh).

  • 4

    Nerd actor Andrew Scott will play a nerd

    The nemesis of "Sherlock" will play a government geek helping Bond.

  • 5

    Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux are new Bond girls

  • 6

    SPECTRE is an acronym

    It stands for Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

  • 7

    SPECTRE is an old idea that was off limits due to a legal conflict

    SPECTRE was featured in Bond films in the 1960s but there was a copyright dispute over the concept and it had to be resolved before it could be used again.

  • 8

    Christoph Waltz will play the super villain

    Waltz won an Oscar for "Inglorious Bastards" and "Django Unchained."

  • 9

    The film will feature the Aston Martin DB10

    James Bond has been driving Aston Martin's in various films since 1964.

  • 10

    Ralph Fiennes will play "M"

    Judy Dench was killed in "Skyfall" and Ralph Fiennes (who played Voldemort in "Harry Potter") will replace her as "M."

  • 11

    The broken glass in the first movie poster resembles the octopus logo for SPECTRE!

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