Saturday Night Live has been a TV staple for 45 years. For nearly that long, there have been Saturday Night Live movies as well. They haven’t always been great. (Okay, so they haven’t always been watchable without the aid of some sort of mind-altering substance.) But they have existed, for better or worse.

There is some debate over what exactly qualifies as a “Saturday Night Live movie.” Some fans argue they need to be produced by Lorne Michaels. Others say literally any movie that first appeared in any form on SNL counts. With this list, we’re sort of splitting the difference. In order to qualify, we only considered movies based on recurring characters from the show. If you want to be extremely technical about it, Bob Roberts and A Mighty Wind and the obscure coming-of-age comedy Harold are all Saturday Night Live movies. No one really thinks of them that way, though, so it seems a little weird to treat them as such.

As for the rest, they’re not live, and only a couple are set or shot in New York. But at least a few are pretty funny. In order from worst to best, they are...

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