I was having one of those days the other day when I felt a bit overwhelmed and tired and wondered how I’d possibly make it through the day…

 I happened to walk into our Human Resource Directors office, and as she so sweetly greeted me with a smile, I looked upon her ever so overloaded desk!  Filled with mounds of paperwork and things to do…it seems her job is NEVER done!

I quickly felt relieved and at ease that my load couldn’t possibly be as heavy as hers!

I absolutely HATE paperwork and the administrative side of anything! So, I spent the whole rest of the day feeling grateful that my tasks are of a different nature! And probably much less!!

I also was pleased to see how well she seems to manage her job, her work load and her life and still seems to have a smile on her face!

 Here’s "KUDOS" to Dana Carneau! The hardest working person in this building!!