Sure, you've heard of guide dogs, therapy dogs, and other emotional and physical support animals, but I'm pretty sure you haven't heard of an emotional support PEACOCK! At least, I hadn't. That was until I heard the story of a lady who tried to take her emotional support peacock on a flight. New York City-based photographer and performance artist Ventiko brought per peacock, Dexter, on a flight from Newark to LA. The airline told her that she was unable to bring him on board due to weight, health, and other restrictions, but alas, she tried.

This got me thinking, where do we draw the lines with companion animals? I get needing support, but what's next, a horse, tarantula, alligator!? And how do you figure out that a peacock will be emotionally supportive? Where did she get him? Can any pet be labeled a "therapy animal" and get special permissions? So. Many. Questions! In any case, friends of Ventiko are going to drive Dexter across the country so they will be together on the west coast. If you want to see photos of Dexter (the above peacock is not Dex), he has his own Instagram. It's actually pretty cool!

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