Sources close to Academy Awards officials  say comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is being considered to host the Oscars in February.

The move is seen as an effort to return to basics — in other words, have one funny act head up the entire ceremony. In years past, the Academy has experimented with different hosting ideas, culminating in the somewhat questionable move this year that saw actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway emceeing what many called a disastrous show.

While Murphy’s name is well-known, he’s had a string of movie flops of late — excluding his voiceover work in the ‘Shrek’ franchise — and hasn’t done any notable stage comedy for nearly 25 years. He also has two films slated for release before the Oscar telecast, and should both of those also prove unpopular with audiences, choosing him as host may be seen as a mistake.

Other names reportedly being considered for the hosting gig include perennial favorite Billy Crystal and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

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