One thing I kept hearing and reading after Ed Dailey passed away was how big his heart was, and how his big, loving heart helped him do so many great things for people he crossed paths with. While I knew Ed as my teacher, friend, mentor, and co-worker, others know him as an iconic radio host and a preacher. What I didn't know about Ed was that he was terrific at fundraising and rallying the community for a good cause. Ed has helped many families get through difficult times and now the time has come for Tri-Cities to help ease the burden LaJay Dailey, Ed's beloved wife, feels now.

Ed Dailey
Ed Dailey

In 2004, Ed helped found the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering, a festival that sought to preserve Western culture and bring fans of country music and the cowboy lifestyle together. You could count on a recognizable name headlining the event, which included not just country musicians, but poets and storytellers as well.

Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash

Ed's celebration of life takes place this Saturday (May 14), and later that same day the Pasco Eagles are hosting a fundraiser in Ed's honor for LaJay. Judy Massengale, formerly the director of the Cowboy Gathering and currently with Pasco Eagles, says that not only is this a fundraiser for LaJay, but also a chance to honor Ed for his many great deeds, including starting the Cowboy Gathering nearly 20 years ago.

LaJay and Ed Dailey
LaJay and Ed Dailey (Credit: Ed Dailey)

The fundraiser begins at 5:30 on the same day as his celebration of life, THIS Saturday, May 14, at the Pasco Eagles. There will be a spaghetti dinner (by donation), 50/50 drawing, silent auction, raffles, and live music. If you would like to print the flyer for yourself, I have attached it here.

Let's honor Ed Dailey by doing the very thing he did himself, help others.

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