Dustin Lynch just took another major step toward becoming a licensed pilot: The country singer completed his first solo flight.

"Set a goal, and when you get there ... man it always feels good! First solo flight today," he writes with a pilot emoji and another of a plane taking off.

The first solo flight is monumental for a pilot in training. It marks the first time a student has completed a takeoff, flight and landing without an instructor in the plane with them. After a few more hours and a few more solo flights, Lynch will be ready for his check ride. Once he passes that, he will officially be licensed.

The "Seeing Red" singer first shared he was working toward his pilot's license in 2021.

"I didn't realize how free you feel whenever you can hop in an airplane and go wherever you want to go and it opens a whole new world," he told with Entertainment Tonight at the time. "Those that fly know what I'm talking about."

Lynch has gotten a lot of support from his friends with his aviation dreams. In fact, a buddy provided a plane for him to train on. With that kind of offer, the country star set aside any reservations he had and went all in on achieving his goal.

He has since purchased his own plane which he plans to get a lot of use out of. Like other artists who have their licenses — Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson — Lynch will likely use his license to go home more often during tours. The "Thinking About You" singer owns a 600-acre farm in Tennessee and a plane could come in handy for keeping an eye on all parts of his property.

Earlier this summer, Lynch released a new single from his Blue in the Sky album called "Fish in the Sea." He is currently on the second leg of his Party Mode Tour, which will keep him busy through Oct. 7.

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