Veronica Andrade of Boardman drove home drunk early Sunday morning from a graduation party. After 3am near the I-84 turnoff for Tri-Cities she veered off the road and in the shoulder her Cadillac sedan flipped. Her 7-month-old son was not properly restrained and was ejected from the vehicle. Her 3-year-old daughter was injured.

The baby later died in her arms. Her daughter is in protective custody after recovering in a Portland hospital.

The Morrow County judge at Andrade's arraignment said she has caused lasting tragedy to everyone involved: passing motorists who stopped to help, first responders, hospital workers, law enforcement, and of course her family and friends. Seeing the dead baby will haunt them for years, he said.

For that reason he set her bail at $525,000 and will see her charged with first-degree manslaughter in addition to DUI and child endangerment charges.

Andrade's family said she is a good woman who made a bad choice, and is suffering for the consequences already.


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