Sunday afternoon in Pasco, a 27-year-old driver was merging from I-182 east onto Hwy 395 and rolled the vehicle. Not a fun experience for his 12-year-old passenger, I'm sure. The driver is suspected of DUI and both were taken to the hospital and lucky to even be alive. Read the full story HERE.

I figure if you're careless enough to drive drunk with a child, then you might as well:

**Buy them a Barbed Wire & Broken Glass Slip n' Slide for summer fun

**Teach them how to clean loaded pistols

**Make them your #1 helper in your meth lab

**Teach them the thrill of diving off the Cable Bridge

**Have a running with scissors race

**Learn about archery by catching an arrow

**Have some kayaking fun over Palouse Falls

**Learn about electricity by plugging paper clips into a wall socket

**Show them how a dishwasher works from the inside

Sure, these are all pretty stupid ideas, kind of like driving under the influence with a child. (Or driving under the influence period).



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