Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey present FULLY CHARGED, Gold Edition at the Toyota Center in Kennewick September 26-29. This circus is filled with spectacles of superhuman athleticism and displays of animals tricks that will grab the attention of all ages. This show is expected to sell out so buy your tickets before it's too late!

There will be an All Access Pre-Show if you show up early. You can join the fun on the arena floor and Ringling Bros. clown Dean Kelley will invite you to play and meet all the stars from the show. There will even be a dance party and a time to see all the animals.

Check out the acts!

Power Duo!

-Strongman Tulga has superhuman strenth, spinning Duna and Lady Lightning around with a telephone pole! They will leave you with wonder with thier marvelous stunts and strength.

Mega-Tons of Fun

- Elephants weighing in at 10,000 pounds will show you thier majestic tricks leaving you on your feet.

Power Prankster!

-Anton is always bringing trouble to Viktor, who plays by the rules. A hilarious Duo that will bring out the giggle in anyone!

Kinetic Energy

-The Smaha Troupe will take juggling to new heights. They are quick with their movements and and will leave you impressed with their incredible agility and muscle memory.

Arial Flare!

-Acrobat Sergey Novikov pushes limits of the human body with stunning aerial artistry and movements! He will leave you breathless!

Totally Wired!

- The lopez troupe are a danger-loving team that will shock you with their intense stunts and bravery. They will up the stakes with their knife-throwing performances and will make you want to bite your nails off!

High Voltage!

-the Vavilov troupe are a daring team that will take you to new heights. With backflips, jumps, turns, and lifts they will drop your jaw!

Animal Power!

-Cathy and her amazing animals will make you laugh, smile, and say aww from horses to puppy's. A definite unforgettable performance!

Rev Up the Energy!

- You will be amazed with The Lopez family, who will shift into high gear with their motorcycles and tricks inside a 12 foot Globe of Steel!

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