I Have a Mustache and proud of it!

  • clipart

    The Simple Stache

    In the beginning I kept it simple, no problems, everyone was growing a similar stache. Life was good

  • clipart

    The Gigantic Stache

    During the mid 80's I decided let my upper lip friend grow wild. I soon discovered everything sticks to it (YIKES) Campbell soup, milk, Cheetos! my mustache became a magnet for edible debris. That would be the last time I ever let my mustache get out of control. Bigger is NOT better

  • clipart

    The Combo

    During the 90's I tried the "combo stache" attaching my furry lil friend to a beard was a whole new world for me. Ohhhh the possibilities!! But wait, whats this? A gray hair in my new Goatee! Away with this nonsense!

  • greg

    The Porn Stache

    One evening in 2009 my friends started joking about my "porn stache" Is this true? Do I look like an Old Porn star? After being humiliated and embarrassed I decided to Say goodbye to my teenage friend! ((shave,shave,shave))

  • clipart

    The Barren desert

    something was wrong, something was missing! my upper lip was cold, pasty white ((gasp)) It was naked! I went to the mirror only to see a huge Barren desert between my nose and lip. The Stache must come back!

  • clipart

    The Fu ManChoo

    My Current Stache of choice is the "Foo-man Choo" The name of the game is to keep your mustache trendy & trimmed