Stories like this really make me angry, because when jerks like this get a hold of guns, it gives gun-haters ammunition. No need to pardon the pun.

Yesterday afternoon Richland police responded to a domestic disturbance where a man fired a shotgun inside of his home. You can read the full story HERE.
But when it comes to shotguns, there are no better trick shots than the boys of Dude Perfect on YouTube. The Gould brothers have done many shows displaying their shotgun prowess, and are sponsored by the best manufacturers in the country. Their trick shots are truly amazing as you'll see in the video below. I haven't shot trap or skeet for a while, but there's no greater feeling than seeing that clay pigeon burst into powder. These guys don't just throw a couple of clay pigeons in the air either. They're throwing up to 7 at one time and hitting every single one before they hit the ground. And even throwing them by hand! Did you know that a shotgun can shoot toothpicks out of its barrel? Or a magic marker? Or even chewing gum? Watch and be amazed...




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