The truck pictured is NOT the suspect vehicle, but virtually identical to the one seen on Ruppert Road Friday. A woman called West Richland police to say she saw the truck speeding away from a gravel turnout on Ruppert, in a deserted area. It had stopped briefly, then sped away, leaving this dog behind.

The dog was seen running after the truck, even as it picked up speed down the road, the dog continued to chase for a bit until it finally stopped.  Police were able to located the dog but it had no tags. No word if it was chipped.

In an update, WRPD says they believe they have identified the owner vehicle, and the investigation continues. Animal Cruelty, including intentional dumping or abandoning an animal is considered a Class "C" felony in WA state.

The animal is being cared for by a local veterinarian and volunteers.

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