Yesterday, the monster that Earl Thomas was trying to avoid became real yesterday when his season was ended with a fracture in his lower leg without a new contract. In the heat of emotion, Earl glanced at his sidelines and flipped the bird in frustration at his own sideline.

Who was he flipping off anyways? It could have been the whole team, Pete, or maybe Seahawks GM John Schneider. Honestly, does it really matter who it was directed at.

Earl was obviously frustrated and feels used by the Seahawks. As an older star player in the last year of his contract, he felt he had earned another contract guarantee to protect him from exactly what happened Sunday.

Pete Carroll told the Seattle Times on Monday that "This is a very, very difficult moment that most people would never understand what this is all about." and also to "Give him a little slack."

As a longtime Seahawks crazy fan, I was hurt to see his show of frustration with the team but I understand why.

Good luck Earl, whatever you do next, football and beyond.

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